Review On The Latest Version Of Pixel Gun 3D

I installed the Pixel Gun 3D the very day it was launched on online. Since the game was available for pocket devices, I was able to install it on my Android handset. This allowed me to play the game whenever I wanted to. I have played the game several times and therefore, desire to present a review about it. The first thing that I wish to share with you is that Pixel Gun 3D, being an action game, gave me the chance to attack and destroy wandering Zombies whenever I pleased. For me, attacking the zombies was the most fun part of the game.

The newest version of Pixel Gun 3D comprises of nothing but action. The fact that I got a chance to play test matches before selecting a location as a battlefield to attack zombies appealed to me the most in the game. This was because the test match gave me a chance to become proficient in the game before I got into performing some real action on the battle arena. Alongside this, I also wish to share that I found the game to be player-friendly. At first I did find the game to be a little confusing but as I started investing more time in playing in, I got the hang of it.

Pixel Gun 3D is full of challenges and this is what I found to be most exciting about the game. My main challenge was to survive in the game and I did it by attacking the zombies continuously. This task was slightly tiring but paid off as it helped me to complete all the difficult levels of the game quickly. Additionally, weapons like acid cannon, zombie hunter, and rocker crossbow was that I liked the most in the game. The reason behind my liking them was the fact that each weapon had unique properties and different method of use.


Furthermore, items like hats, boost, capes, and mask were things that for me seemed to be the perks of the game. Out of these items, boost was an all-time favorite as it helped my digital character to attack the enemies with double strength than it already had. In addition to this, the graphics of the game too, appealed to me as it appeared to be realistic enough to my naked eyes. It is this truth about it that captured my attention and lured me to concentrate on the game for hours together.

Alongside everything mentioned, things like the story line of the game also added up as a reason for me to continue with the game. My thirst to know the reason behind the release of the Zombies was what led me to play the game, without any stoppage in between. From a personal point of view, it never felt as if I am controlling the moves of a digital character in the game. Everything in the game seemed so realistic that while playing it I thought that it was I and not my digital character that was on the battlefield, destroying the zombies.



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